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3D Box Shot Maker 1.0

3D Box Shot Maker is a wonderful program to design quality box shot
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3D Box Shot Maker is a useful application developed by BossEye Inc. This application lets you design the image of 3D box package of your product in a very simple and easy way. The application needs only two images and a couple of settings to render a beautiful output. The program supports BMP, PNG, GIF and JPG format files for input or defining the faces of the box. It allows the users to setup the dimensions of the box, i.e. height, left width, right width, left percentage and right percentage for basic settings. Special effects, such as shadow and reflection, can be enabled and configured too. Shadow options can be set by defining length of the shadow, angle of the light source and intensity of the light. The reflection of the image can be set using sliders for length and intensity. The final output of the application surely attracts you and the images can be used in vast applications. The images created using this application can also be used in advertisement, on websites, etc. Moreover this application is free and easy to learn.

Prasanna Fadnis
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  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • High quality output
  • Consumes very less resources


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